If the Internet is forever, tweets are forever times INFINITY. Those lil suckers never really or truly go away. They just linger on, waiting to smack someone right upside the head when they least expect it.

Which is one of the reasons you should always be prepared to deal with anything you tweet, but that’s another article.

And speaking of people dealing with what they tweet seems Nancy Pelosi isn’t too proud of her Jussie Smollett tweet so she tried to delete it so she wouldn’t have to deal with it.

Guess how that went.

We see you, Nancy.

20 THOUSAND retweets.

100 THOUSAND likes.

And she really thought nobody would notice if she deleted it?

C’mon, lady.

And nobody is surprised.

True, but Cory has said he will not comment further on the story … heh.

These people.

We KNEW it.

Guessing that would be a no.

Absolutely. But she doesn’t really care about how it looks because she knows the only people who will notice and call her out don’t like her anyway and that her vapid base will happily ignore it and keep screeching about Trump’s evil wall.

We do too.


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