As Twitchy readers know, Dana Loesch and other Conservatives responded to Elizabeth Warren’s ridiculous tweet about how she walked uphill in the snow both ways as a kid and then she managed to make some weird claim about the minimum wage in an attempt to pretend she cares about working-class Americans.

It was so MOVING.


Apparently, something about Dana’s mom working two jobs to provide for her family triggered ol’ ‘pee’d on his hands’ Ron Perlman.

The guy who bragged about urinating on himself to shake hands with Harvey Weinstein (while doing nothing else to stop the guy) lecturing anyone else about having a moral compass is stunningly stupid.

And damn hilarious.

Dana was more than happy to respond.

Dude. He got a, ‘God bless’.

You NEVER want the, ‘God bless,’ because it means game over. You’re done. Bye now. Piss off. Go soak your head …

She’s just much nicer about it than say, this editor.

Look at me! I hate Trump too! Look at meeeeee! – Ron, probably.


Ron melts down and accuses us of being Russians or Russian-owned in 3 … 2 … 1 …


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