We haven’t heard much from Jim Acosta since he strolled the southern border and trolled himself in an epic way. Oh, we’re sure he’s continued babbling on Twitter about this or that but he doesn’t make our radar quite as much these days.

But this was just too good …

Nothing seems to trigger Jim quite as much as the idea of being called fake news, except maybe when fact checkers are called fake news.

Dear Diary,

The evil orange man called fact checkers FAKE NEWS. Fact checkers, diary. He has no shame! No shame! Why oh why must he be such a big ol’ meanie pants? And why oh why can’t I quit him? Only you truly understand me, diary.



PS: Twitchy editors are also mean ol’ poopy heads.

PPS: My hair is the strongest ever.

PPPS: I ate an entire thing of raw cookie dough, don’t judge me.


This works.


It’s truly like Jim can’t help himself.

See what we mean?

We can only hope.


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