Imagine thinking that posting a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking about how she wants to go back to the FDR roots of the Democratic Party is a good thing. Then again, it is a verified account called @SocialSecurityWorks so we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at this but yeah … wow.


So we need to return to a time when Democrats dumped a bunch of people into internment camps?

Alrighty then.

And we get it, AOC is trying to pretend her Medicare For All garbage would actually work if mean ol’ Republicans would just get out of the way but still.

It’s painful but we get it.

“I reject the idea that men won’t want to urinate in jugs and make coffee out of it.”

The jokes write themselves.

She’s not.

FYI, if you want to read some terrifying stuff, just go through this thread and read the number of people saying how this works in CanaDUH so it should work here.


And no offense to Canada but it gets really old.

Don’t give her any ideas.

We’re going to guess she does not.

Or she’s willing to ignore it.

Or she got FDR confused with another Democrat … the possibilities here are endless.

We can’t even.



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