Why, it seems like only yesterday when ol’ Larry Tribe was tweeting about how he believed Gov. Ralph Northam after his disastrous presser on whether or not he wore blackface (and then deleting said tweet) … time sure flies when you’re a blustering, progressive windbag eh?

Notice Larry doesn’t mention which party is responsible for the very disaster he’s whining about in Virginia. How very typical.

And speaking of typical.

Wait, wasn’t Jennifer Rubin just telling us how Northam should resign so the ‘eloquent African American’ guy AKA Justin Fairfax could take over? You’d think she’d have learned not to comment further on this situation after that debacle (when even Alyssa Milano is calling you out?), but oh no, she’s Jennifer Rubin.

The Left’s favorite ‘conservative’ blogger.

Yes. Yes, she does.

Quiet you, Jenn has a narrative to push.

HA! No way she would.


And Kirsten Gillibrand is learning how to eat fried chicken so yeah …

True freakin’ story.


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