Earlier today, Twitchy covered Rep. Steve Scalise posting his gun-violence testimony that House Judiciary Dems refused to allow him to share during the gun-control hearing on February 6. Scalise went on with Laura Ingraham last night to talk about his being silenced and he did not hold back.


He knows exactly why they didn’t want him to testify because as a gun-violence victim his testimony about how guns actually saved lives is detrimental to Democrats trying to stomp on the Second Amendment. If they allow a balance to their ‘guns that go pew pew pew are bad’ narrative it gets a lot harder to convince Americans that they’re right. That adding one more gun law that bad guys will ignore anyway will stop gun violence.

It’s almost laughable at this point.

Wait, you know what, it is laughable.

Another example of, ‘Ok for thee but not for me.’



Time to let Scalise testify, Dems.


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