House Judiciary Democrats refused to allow Rep. Steve Scalise to share his testimony at their gun control hearing on February 6. Apparently, a man who has actually suffered and lived through gun violence shouldn’t be heard from … because he supports the Second Amendment more than ever.


Scalise called them out on Twitter and shared his testimony through Fox News so of COURSE we’ve gotta share it too.

From Fox News:

My name is Steve Scalise. I am the Congressman for Louisiana’s 1st District. I am the Republican Whip. I am also a target of gun violence.

Many of you may be familiar with the events of June 14, 2017. Around 7:00 AM, at the last morning practice before the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, an Illinois man named James Hodgkinson opened fire on myself and a group of Republican legislators and volunteers on an Alexandria, Va. baseball field.

His testimony continued:

In fact, these new gun control measures being proposed in H.R. 8 would not have prevented any number of recent mass violence events. Several perpetrators of recent multi-victim shootings also purchased their guns legally. In some instances, the background check system failed, and lack of intervention from law enforcement failed to intercept potential threats.

I want to stress that the man who shot me was issued a permit to purchase firearms by the state of Illinois, and had acquired them legally. At Virginia Tech, Charleston, and Sutherland Springs failures in the background check system allowed individuals to illegally obtain the firearms they used to commit their crimes. The alleged loopholes that H.R. 8 claims to fix would not have prevented these tragedies either.

Instead, whether intentionally or not, the gun control proposals in H.R. 8 could turn law abiding citizens into criminals while also failing to achieve the stated purpose of reducing gun violence.

Turning law abiding citizens into criminals while failing to reduce gun violence.

No wonder they silenced him.


Oh, and speaking of cowards, the number of keyboard warriors on this thread trying to shame Scalise for standing by the Second Amendment even though he’s been shot is impressive, and not in a good way.

Look at this crap.

Shame WHAT didn’t work out?

They really think this means only the government should have guns.

We can’t make this up.

We’re not sure this person actually read Scalise’s statement but OK.


We’re just surprised they didn’t accuse him of being a Russian agent.

Give ’em time.


Well AIN’T that some sh*t! Joy Behar talking about dressing up as a ‘beautiful African woman’ is PRICELESS (watch)