It’s fascinating watching the same people who are always babbling about others appropriating culture trying to decide if ‘blackface’ is racist now that so many elected Democrats have admitted to wearing it. Remember when Megyn Kelly was allegedly fired for just TALKING about it?

Their hypocrisy knows NO bounds.

In 2016, Joy Behar admitted she dressed up as a ‘beautiful African woman’ at a Halloween party … watch.

This is the old photo if you can’t bring yourself to actually watch this clip from The View, and honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t stand to.

Interestingly enough, Jezebel called this out way back then:

Kudos to them for being consistent?

Yeah, we made that same face.

Beautiful? Really?

OH, that other thing is pretty shocking too.


That would make two women on The View who either wore blackface or whose boyfriend (Ted Danson) has worn blackface.

But you know, Trump and his supporters are super racist for cheering low black unemployment or whatever.

Raise your hand if you’re enjoying watching the Left being eaten alive by the monster they created.


Oops indeed.

Thank all that’s holy!