Ugh. What is wrong with Rick Wilson, folks? This editor really doesn’t get it. True story, three years ago many of us thought Rick was a warrior, fighting for conservative values in the face of a populist taking over the Republican party … for a lot of people he was who they turned to for reassurance and information.

And now he’s just a blue-check troll showing off for Leftists and a handful of NeverTrumpers who think they’re still Conservatives but everyone around them knows they’re not. Seriously, what was the point of this?

Nice homophobic tweet, Rick.


Dan Bongino fired back (even though Rick couldn’t be bothered to actually tag him in the insult):

You are the company you keep, Rick. Sheesh.

It looks like Rick might have responded to Dan but it appears he deleted it so we can’t share it.

We know, you’re heartbroken.

He is subtweeting though this morning:


Like Salon cons, they are the media’s favorite supposed ‘right-wingers’ because they feed their narrative around Trump. They can say, ‘Hey look, this Republican hates Trump,’ while pretending people who support him are backwoods, racist, idiot, hillbillies who just don’t know any better. And that’s what’s so effed up about the NeverTrump movement now, how they are deliberately painting normal, everyday Americans as less than to appease the leftist media.

This isn’t about principles anymore, this is about egos.

And this editor is embarrassed for the lot of ’em at this point.

Womp womp.


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