True story, this editor has no idea who Diego Aranda Teixeira is, but apparently, he’s an attorney who made Michael Avenatti so mad on Twitter that he called him to yell at him about it. When someone goes full caps about Avenatti you can’t help but notice … right?


Imagine being so angry about something on Twitter that you actually look up someone’s information and call them to yell at them about it.

Then again, it is the guy who thought he could run for president after he represented Stormy Daniels so this isn’t all that surprising.

Avenatti responded.

He’s so mad.

This is called, ‘throwing a tantrum,’ and it’s not the first time we’ve seen him do it.


This was like a soap opera but funnier:

Told ya’.

Dude, TMI.

Fair question.

Ok, sometimes Twitter still makes us laugh.

It’s rare when you have adults attacking an 11-year-old kid because his last name is Trump, but this, this was funny.


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