Buck Sexton didn’t hold back with his latest tweet about NeverTrump ‘conservatives’.

Buck really should learn how to speak his mind. Heh.

Considering the month Democrats had in January, we agree with Buck. If a so-called Conservative hates Trump enough to support and try to elect Democrats after what we saw from them in Virginia they are in no way, shape, or form a Conservative. There is no amount of ‘dunking on Trump’ worth supporting people who nonchalantly talk about aborting a child while they are actually being born.

Like Kathy Tran. Like Ralph Northam.

Heck, Bill Kristol donated money to Ralph Northam.

That is what the movement has sadly become.

Excellent point. This editor was absolutely ‘Never Trump’ during the primary and even the election (voted for Johnson), but the idea of pushing Democrats as a means to punish or teach the GOP a lesson is a step too far.

And let’s be honest, being ‘never’ or ‘always’ is not exactly a healthy way to be politically active. Like @AG_Conservative pointed out yesterday, both sides of this Trump coin have become cultists.

Sorry, not sorry.


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