Gotta love when the Left creates a diversity monster that eventually turns on them and starts eating them as well. It’s sort of like having a pet alligator and thinking if you’re nice to the alligator it will eat you last.

BuzzFeed seems to be having some problems beyond their layoffs …


Following the chain of layoffs, computer science student Alexandre Mouriec has developed a website called “Hire A Buzzfeeder” to help these former employees find new jobs. Since then, the link has been shared by thousands of Twitter users, including remaining Buzzfeed staff members.

However, those following this news closely are accusing Buzzfeed of laying off mostly POC and LGBTQ employees. Among these minority ethnic and LGBTQ former staff are some well-known figures within Asian American communities like Kane Diep, Niki Ang, Kevin Nguyen, Shila Farahani, Jared Sosa, and Ray Pajar, just to name a few. These writers and producers have frequently created content on race, culture, mental health, and issues facing the LGBTQ communities.


Notice we have not made a ‘learn to code’ joke … yet.

Wait, did we just make one?


Whoa, is that a thing now? Out-woking someone?

Please, no.



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