It’s Friday, so call us crazy, but we need to take a moment and make fun of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s mini-thread about how excited he is to trample the rights of legal gun owners in America.

There is no right to be safe so taking away a right to protect a right that doesn’t exist is probably the stupidest thing we’ve seen yet from ol’ Swalwell.

Well, except that whole nuking people thing.

Eric. Dude.

You know the face you make when you read something really stupid and your brain isn’t quite sure how to process it so you read it again and it still doesn’t really make sense so you start thinking about something else like making a grocery list? Yeah, just made that face.


Quiet you, we’re not supposed to talk about how the thousands and thousands of gun laws on the books already fail us … every day. Eric seems to think he can make murder more illegal than it already is. Double secret super illegal.

Be a man, not a douche.



Don’t encourage him.


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