We see a lot of horrible, disgusting, stupid accounts on Twitter, especially ones with pretty blue checkmarks. But this @UncleShoes guy takes the cake for violent tweeting that Twitter seems all too happy to ignore because he’s calling for violence against the right people.

Covington Catholic High School MIGHT want to look into this account. Just sayin’.

Imagine if a right-leaning account called for their followers to ‘fire on’ high school kids in pink vagina hats? Their account would have been gone before they could finish hitting the tweet button. But you know, since Jack isn’t a fan of anyone who wears a MAGA hat we’re not entirely surprised this as*hole still has an account.

You’d think but hey, apparently Uncle wants the right people hurt so that makes it ok.

Twitter doesn’t even try and hide their bias anymore.

Ya’ think?

Wonder if he sells a bunch of shoes calling for gun-violence against strangers, and even kids who wear these hats?

The tweet has been up for at least 12 hours and his account is still there so it’s hard to say Jack DOESN’T tolerate it.

And a Snickers bar.



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