Nobody ever claimed pro-aborts are the brightest crayons in the box.

Ok, so even though we’re seeing more and more information that proves Nick Sandmann and the other students from Covington Catholic High School were not in the wrong, our friendly neighborhood SJWs are front and center trying to exploit the situation to push their anti-life, pro-death, anti-white-man, anti-Catholicism, anti-everything-that-isn’t-a-cat narrative. Like this nonsense from Melissa McEwan.

Supporting life is hateful?

Imagine going through life believing abortion is love.

Sick people out there, man.

But MAGA hats! Truuuuuuump!

Ok, that one may have left a mark.

This is actually a lovely way to describe the movement, which means it will be totally lost on McEwan. Pro-aborts need the pro-life movement to be hateful because otherwise, they have to admit they’re promoting the death of the innocent out of convenience.

And we all know if they had to be honest about what abortion really is and what it really does they’d have no argument to speak of in the first place.

So they stick with a silly narrative … like this one.


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