When Jesse Kelly speaks, people listen.


Ok, let this editor rephrase that just a little.

When Jesse Kelly speaks, people listen and A LOT OF THEM get mad at him. Especially if he’s going on and on about some weird GROSS food thing or wearing his famous mint jacket. So we weren’t in the least bit surprised that when Jesse defended CBS against the claims of racism in their newsroom that Oliver Willis got cranky with him.

How dare Jesse be REALISTIC about journalism?! What a monster!

But Truuuuuuuump.

Wait, does that work here? It might.

Fair enough.

That’s all.

Cue the shrieks of THAT’S RACIST:

Close enough.

Gosh, that was super meaningful, way to go, Oliver.

Oh snap.

Jemele Hill joined in:

Umm …

Oh snap AGAIN.

There’s Jesse, always making new friends.



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