Ted Cruz had a few ‘choice words’ for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi about the government shutdown, and by choice words we mean he kicked them in the proverbial political teeth.


The part about how Chuck and Nancy both approved funding for the border wall in the amount of $40 BILLION just a few years ago says SO MUCH about what they’re doing now. And considering how grossly huge our federal budget (sorry, Continuing Resolution) is, $5 BILLION is a drop in the bucket.

Which is sad in and of itself but that’s another article entirely.

Now watch the Left those their damn minds:

Takes two to tango, chief.

Dear Idiots.

Oh, the irony.

Called him Raphael, how edgy.

Some would say he IS doing his job.

But we digress.

This will never get old.

If you watch the segment, Ted doesn’t say anything about Trump not being at fault, he just points out that Chuck (and Nancy) have played a part in shutting down the government and that Chuck has a history of doing it when he doesn’t get his way. *shrug*

Truth hurts.


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