David Hogg could learn a thing or FIVE from his fellow classmate and activist, Cameron Kasky. Actually, gun control advocates and activists, in GENERAL, could learn a thing or FIVE from Cameron.

True story.

These two tweets from the Stoneman Douglas student and activist are far more powerful and mature than anything Hogg or the Shannon Watts groupies have come up with …

That he said please speaks volumes.

Plus, Cameron didn’t have to admit this but that he did tells us a good deal about who he is as an activist and as a human being.

Color us impressed.

Well and truly.

Seems Cameron has grown up a good deal.

Bravo, young man.

You guys should see the people on his thread telling him that HE IS A VICTIM, though.

We’re sure this was super helpful for Cameron to read.

Or you know, maybe as adults just listen to this young man and respect what he has to say and adhere to his request?

Just sayin’.


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