Sounds like CNN’s Jim Sciutto is still falsely claiming Republicans first funded the dossier.

Yeah yeah, CNN is gonna CNN but wasn’t this debunked like months ago?

Amber Athey took his claim apart in this brutal yet factual mini-thread:

It’s hard not to get it wrong when you’re deliberately pushing a certain narrative and don’t care about the facts or reality around the story.

We know Jim works for CNN but c’mon man …

This sort of reminds us of when Eric Holder promised to investigate himself.


Sooo … womp womp, Jim.

Wouldn’t count on a correction anytime soon though.

Awww that’s right, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez it’s more important to be morally right than factually right or something.

We know, everything is stupid.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Right?! Color us SHOCKED.

They certainly do seem to share a lot of bananas they claim are apples, now don’t they?


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