Ugh, if Andy Richter was a woman he’d be even more insufferable than he already is. And pretending he has any idea what women believe, feel, or go through should be infuriating to ALL women because this is a classic case of appropriation.

But since Andy leans to the Left he gets a pass for being an annoying twit.

Maybe we should start calling him Andrea?

Hey, we’re just trying to be accommodating and stuff.

If he’s angry 80% of the time this guy needs a serious hobby that doesn’t involve politics at all.

Oof, we just rolled our eyes so far back in our heads that we may have done actual damage.

Andy’s all about the girl power these days.


Sane women are too busy with real lives including jobs, families, hobbies, etc. to be perpetually angry.


White MALE privilege, man, get it straight.

Good question.

Why does Andy think women should be angry all of the time?

Something like that.


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