Itโ€™s official. There are FINALLY Native Americans serving in the Legislative Branch of the federal government. Which is super exciting unless youโ€™re a senator who claimed to be a Native American to get breaks in college and who made a fool of herself in 2018 sharing her 1/1024th Native American DNA.

Like Elizabeth Warren.

Who has been oddly silent about Haaland and Davids:

First in Congress โ€ฆ and we all know Congress includes both the House and the SENATE.

Paging Elizabeth Warren.

Solid burn on Warren, even if it wasnโ€™t intended as such.

But man, we hope it was.

Ok, this was sorta cool.

OH WHATEVER, even this cold-blooded, evil, mean editor can be a softie sometimes and this was pretty awesome, even if they are Democrats.

That being said, this same editor really, really hopes these representatives were at least making a dig at Elizabeth Warren, even a little one.

We can dream, right?


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