It’s official. There are FINALLY Native Americans serving in the Legislative Branch of the federal government. Which is super exciting unless you’re a senator who claimed to be a Native American to get breaks in college and who made a fool of herself in 2018 sharing her 1/1024th Native American DNA.

Like Elizabeth Warren.

Who has been oddly silent about Haaland and Davids:

First in Congress … and we all know Congress includes both the House and the SENATE.

Paging Elizabeth Warren.

Solid burn on Warren, even if it wasn’t intended as such.

But man, we hope it was.

Ok, this was sorta cool.

OH WHATEVER, even this cold-blooded, evil, mean editor can be a softie sometimes and this was pretty awesome, even if they are Democrats.

That being said, this same editor really, really hopes these representatives were at least making a dig at Elizabeth Warren, even a little one.

We can dream, right?


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