You didn’t think we’d let 2018 end without at least one more story highlighting our favorite parody account (and yours), Sean Spicier @sean_spicier, now did you? Safe to say Spicier has made an impression on this Twitchy editor and the thousands and thousands of people who read his (her?) tweets every day, so what better way to look back at 2018 and laugh? Especially when we can laugh at the Left doing the SAME DAMN THING they’ve been doing for well over a year now.

BY NOW you’d think they’d know to look for that little blue check.

But oh no.

Thank goodness. 😉


The first stop on the Spicier train is a tweet about Nancy Pelosi:

Who knew the Twin Cities were such haters. Sheesh.

There’s a tear in my beer ‘cuz I’m cryin’ for your dear …


Fine, everyone’s a critic.

Ooh, here’s one about Mattis:


This one was sorta brutal:

Our eyes!

That Putin money ain’t gonna spend itself ya’ know.

These tweets though, these are our favorites because Trump never did get those apologies …

Tweets are FOREVER.

And this editor just snort-laughed.

And tweeting in general.

Yikes, dude.

This is a perfect place for a, ‘Your mom,’ joke but since we adore Spicier we’ll let it slide.

Nice alliteration.


A few odds and ends:

Which f-word was this person using here? Ferret? Fireworks? Frog?

Ooh, was it frog?!

Doesn’t take much.

We can too.

We see what he did here.

We thought maybe Obama but what do we know?

YOU’RE welcome.

And thank YOU!

Happy New Year Twitchy readers! Thank you for being part of this editor’s journey for 2018 and here’s hoping for an even more kick-a*s 2019! – Sam J.


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