Brian Krassenstein is super cranky that his bro, Ed, has been suspended for the following tweet:

Someone probably should’a warned Ed that writing about killing journalists, even when mocking the president, will land his Bieber-loving arse in Twitter jail. Whatever will Brian do without his bro?


Technically he did break TOS quotes or not but hey, maybe now the Krassensteins will be a tad more empathetic when Conservatives get suspended for far less.

But we’re not holding our breath on this one.

Twitter doesn’t care about context, Bri. There were keywords in his tweet that tripped an algorithm so he went bye bye.





Yes, Twitter is clearly a right-leaning platform working 24/7 to support Trump and Conservatives.

Look out Jack, he’s onto you.

Did we mention we were dying or dead? EL OH EL.

Also, we’re thinking Ed has been locked, not suspended because his account still shows but considering how seldom someone on the Left is truly banned we’re not surprised Brian didn’t know the difference.

Don’t worry your little head, Bri, Ed will probably be unlocked in at the longest, seven days.

Suck it up.


Told ya’.


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