Sen. Dianne Feinstein will have to bear with us, but after the crap she pulled this past summer and early fall with Brett Kavanaugh we’re having a REALLY REALLY hard time taking what she says seriously, especially when it comes to anything to do with the running of the govt.

Lecturing Trump about honoring his agreement? Really? When do the Democrats honor their agreement, DiFi?

Gotta wonder if her driver aka the Chinese spy misses working for her after 20 years … is he missing his paycheck this Christmas?

This freakin’ woman.

All they have to do is fund the wall, she leaves that tidbit out as well.

Psh, she and Nancy could probably pool their resources and write a check at this point.


See? We’re not the only ones worried about her Chinese driver.


What Will said.

These people have spent more on the mating habits of homosexual mosquitoes, surely they can cough up $5 billion to secure our southern border.


This ain’t rocket science, Dianne.


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