As Twitchy told you, hip-hop artist Talib Kweli Greene tweeted to his followers that Trump’s proposed border wall wouldn’t work because the Nazis tried this and it failed. Or something like that. To be honest we have no idea what the Hell he was talking about.

Hey, don’t make that face we didn’t write it. Sure, we made fun of him tweeting it but we didn’t actually come up with it.

Talib did delete his original tweet but we have it:

And then we’re not sure what he was trying to do here, maybe doubling down or backpedaling (it’s hard to tell honestly) but Jonah Goldberg was front and center…

So, of course, he deleted the second tweet but WE HAVE IT.

DUDE. They didn’t build a wall to keep people out, they built the wall to keep people in and NAZIS? REALLY?!

Maybe Talib should stop trying to show us how clever he is and also stop talking about things he doesn’t really know about.


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! HELL NO!

Holy crap.

It is definitely entertaining.

Talk about a dark time for the Federation.



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