The White House released this year’s official Christmas portrait of President and First Lady Trump …

The snowflakes on the ceiling are a nice touch, doncha think?

Honestly, it’s a lovely, festive photo, and a tradition that’s been around forever … so cue the crazies shrieking about how much they hate the Trumps. OMG it’s a Christmas picture of the President and First Lady, THE OUTRAGE. HOW DARE THEY?!

Especially from super-harpy Ana Navarro.

WE GET IT ANA, you hate Trump and Melania and ooh, what clever snark using the First Lady’s jacket from earlier this year BUT give it a rest, it’s almost Christmas and this is just a Christmas photo. You can play the whole, ‘Look at how edgy I am I hate the president’ card all you want in 2019.

And speaking of the typical, boring, predictable, ‘Look at me I hate the president’ card, check out these other festive haters:

Dude is SO getting coal in his stocking.

Man, these people REALLY have the Christmas spirit, eh?

Makes you feel all warm inside, right? Ironically Ana claiming she doesn’t care in a tweet really proves she does care, at least enough to tweet about it. That goes double for the yahoos on the thread saying they don’t care either, and yet they cared enough to pile on.

Like we said, predictable and tired.

Just like Ana herself.