Kimberley Strassel once again has wrapped up what is happening with the Flynn case in a few simple tweets so the rest of us can follow along. No shame in it, so much of what we’re hearing about with these multiple investigations reads a lot like stereo instructions written backward in Japanese.

Fascinating indeed.

National Review has a pretty stellar write up on this as well:

To my eye, the situation is even more disturbing than the press reporting suggests. It appears that there is no 302 of the Flynn interview. The 302 dated August 22, 2017, which Mueller submitted to the court, documents an interview of Peter Strzok, not of Flynn. It appears that this interview of Strzok took place on July 19, notes of the interview were drafted the next day (July 20), and the 302 was approved and entered into the FBI’s files on August 22. The question obviously arises: Where is the Flynn 302? FBI procedures would have called for a report within a few days of the interview. It is not that there wasn’t one for seven months. For now, it looks like none has been produced at all.

What the HECK, right?!

Back to Strassel’s tweets though.


Of course.

Who was obviously lying?

Oh, Comey … no wonder he claimed not to remember anything.

We’re starting to think there was the biggest case of CYA ever going on with these people.

Something stinks in Denmark.

Heck, we’re confused and we’re just reading about it.

Release the documents.



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