Oh brother.

Nancy Pelosi (well, her ‘team’, whatever the heck that means) went into full fear-mongering overdrive with their thread about Obamacare being found unconstitutional. Remember that scene in Poltergeist 2 where the really creepy old guy comes up to their front door and yells, ‘You are all gonna die!’?

This is exactly what Nancy did here … heck, she even looks a little bit like that old fella, minus the hat.

Nancy, give us a break. Republicans have been straight from the get-go about working to repeal Obamacare.

Since you guys passed the thing on the night of Christmas Eve.

Apparently, the fact that the judge is in Texas is a big deal to these yahoos.

Imagine thinking it’s appropriate to exploit people with cancer to pander and politicize.

Oh FFS, Nancy.



Also, we saw Kamala Harris also say, ‘Make no mistake’ … so we’re wondering if they all got their talking points or what.

Nancy and other Democrats are more than happy to ignore those of us who lost our health insurance thanks to OCare.


Dude, she had to pass it so we could see what was in it.

This woman.

Clearly, she has not.


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