You guys remember Kurt Eichenwald, right? He’s the fella who sued a young person for sending him an animated gif on Twitter and then got caught with a questionable tab open on his browser when he posted a screenshot of someone harassing him.

Said tab involved tentacles … just sayin’.

Yeah, that guy.

Well anyway, THAT guy is so upset that a Texas judge found Obamacare unconstitutional (duh) that he’s leaving America to go live in a ‘real country.’

Why wait?

Sooo … is Kurt saying he will literally DIE without Obamacare?

Talk about a mantrum, sheesh Kurt.

As for leaving America most everyone on his thread is more than happy to pack his bags for him:

See? Ha!

For the love of God man, leave now!


Such a group of helpers.

Even Canada doesn’t want Kurt … HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

*crosses fingers*

That. ^



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