Maybe this editor is just a snotty GenXr, but man, this tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about millennials killing mortgage payments and avocado toast made her roll her eyes far, far, far back in her head.

Look at this nonsense.

They’re killing diamond rings and paper napkins? Oh Hell no.

Get off our lawn!

From the Washington Post:

“Unlike the House GOP, at the end of the day, the Democratic majority doesn’t need an arcane rule to keep our promise to protect middle class taxpayers,” Connelly said in an email.

But conservatives are likely to pounce on the move. Brian Riedl, senior fellow at the conservative-leaning Manhattan Institute, said Republicans may use the rule change to accuse Democrats of moving toward raising taxes on the American middle class.

“Republicans will likely use this to say Democrats are doing this to raise taxes, and it’s true,” Riedl said.


So predictable.

HAAAAAA. We see what this tweep did there.

This GenXr isn’t sure if that’s a thing or if she forgot a comma … kids these days.

We really hope millennials aren’t making mortgage payments on avocado toast but we suppose anything is possible.


Guess it could be a thing?

Don’t question her though, that makes you a racist and a sexist or something.

Good times.


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