As Twitchy reported, Ted Lieu would love to regulate the content of speech. He admitted it on CNN on VIDEO.

Talk about an egocentric, uninformed ball of hot air … and people voted for him.

California, you have GOT to get your sh*t together. Seriously.

Mark Dice called Ted out:

Ted apparently didn’t appreciate Mark’s tweet:

Awww, well thank you for serving, Ted, but Mark isn’t wrong, you did openly admit you wish you could regulate the content of speech.

Mark was merciless:


Yes, Ted, you said that. And thank you (again) for your service … but leave the First Amendment alone, please.

Huh? Wait … what?

This suddenly got super confusing. Ted admitted he wishes he could regulate the content of speech but now he’s saying Mark believes the government should regulate it. Maybe Ted should avoid debating at night? Just sayin’.

Of course Ted is calling for more censorship, he’s a Democrat. That’s like Democrat Principles 101.

Others had advice for Ted:


Nah, he just talks out both sides of his mouth.

Ted isn’t getting around this, maybe he should just claim he misspoke OR admit he really does want to limit free speech.

At least then he wouldn’t be a liar on top of the rest of this mess.


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