Meet Jon Cooper.

Jon is the Chairman of the Dem Coalition and a self-proclaimed #Resister.

He’s also a big ol’ dunder-head who should REALLY take the time to read past a headline before opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it.

Like this tweet he sent Chad Felix Greene:

Hey dumb-dumb, Chad is gay.

The article talks about how difficult it is to be a gay Conservative but like so many other angry, reactive, screeching harpies on the Left, Jon couldn’t be bothered to read the article. Thankfully Chad has had enough of this crap and absolutely unloaded on Jon.


Ooh ooh, we know! Because they think they own the LGBTQ community and if a member of said community doesn’t fall in line they must be destroyed.

Then Chad REALLY really took this guy apart:

Sit down, Jon.


Too late.

And he heads a coalition.

Let that sink in.

Funny how that works out.


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