Look at Sen. Chuck Schumer doing his best to pander like he’s never pandered before … heck, he even wrote his tweet in Spanish.

Don’t worry, we translated it for you. It says:

Over and over and over and over again. He’s said it more than 20 times. he wants to throw a tantrum and close the government. The American people can’t afford.

Basically, it was this tweet:

The American people can’t afford for the government to be shut down? On what planet, Chuck?

Like us, James Woods has had enough of this BS. In Spanish or in English:

Duplicitous weasel.

Wonder if Chuck had to look up the meaning of the word, ‘duplicitous’.


Right? Won’t somebody PLEASE think about the poor weasels?!

Like he’s always looking down at people, right?

We noticed that too.

He’s a Democrat. It’s what they do.

Annnnd curtain.


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