As Twitchy told you last week, Sharyl Attkisson’s case against the DOJ for allegedly breaking into her computer YEARS ago will finally have its day in court. It would appear Sharyl posted a video update about the case and then something weird happened to the number of views on said video.

Not to be totally paranoid but it’s almost like somebody somewhere wants Sharyl to be quiet about what’s going on with her case. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

That’s insane.

We are seeing this a good deal throughout Twitter, people magically unfollowing certain conservatives and groups. *adjusts tin foil hat again*

Funny how that works. Take for example, this editor’s followers. No matter how many she gains or loses the follower number basically stays the same. *readjusts the tinfoil hat adjusted earlier*

Sadly this seems like the Twitter way.

Thanks, Jack.


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