Good ol’ Hillary Clinton, doing her part this time of year to make sure people think they still have to sign up for Obamacare.

Oh, we get it, she’s trying to pretend she cares about people getting health INSURANCE (care, right), but the fact that she left out one important detail in her tweet speaks volumes. Lucky for Grammy Hillary, Sharyl Attkisson was front and center to make that point for her.

We love it.

Truth be told, plenty of Americans don’t know they don’t have to have health insurance anymore (it’s not a big deal, most Americans aren’t totally buried in politics like us crazy Twitchy peeps and they don’t know). And Democrats like Hillary know they don’t know.

And they said Trump likes his uneducated followers … yeah right.

Sharyl knows that.

We all know that.

Even Hillary knows that BUT she has an agenda to push ya’ know!

Until they’re not.


Color us shocked.

Worse than New Coke?!



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