When will Democrats figure out that our rights as human beings are inherent, and no amount of labeling or segregating us into neat little voter demographic buckets will change that? We get it, they need their base to believe that they are fighting for their rights, but at the end of the day, that’s just not true.

Look at this pandering mess of a tweet from Kamala Harris for example:

If you want to fight for all people just fight for all people, don’t segregate them into different groups. There’s no need or reason to do that because all of our rights are the same. There are no women’s rights, or immigrant rights, or LGBTQ rights … rights are rights and they are very specific and inherent.

This isn’t difficult.

*cough Constitution cough*

We are learning they care far more about a group’s vote than they do the actual group of people.

Just be an individual … that’s the Republican’s mantra.

See, this is what happens when you start pretending certain groups have special rights, then you have other groups who feel they are ignored or that their specific rights are being trampled on.

And nothing gets done.

Typical Democrat.


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