Twitchy reported yesterday that a longtime staffer for Kamala Harris has resigned after it was revealed that the California DOJ settled a sexual harassment claim against him for $400,000.

What is that old saying about how you are the company you keep? Hrm.

From Sara Carter:

However, it is odd that Harris wasn’t aware of this situation, as Wallace was named as a defendant in the sexual harassment lawsuit before Harris ran for Senate, and yet still decided to bring him on as a senior adviser during her time in Washington.

Kamala Harris has demonstrated a pattern of denial or just being oblivious to things happening around her during her time as California’s Attorney General.  Its beginning to look like she used her position of Attorney General for the sole purpose of gaining name recognition to run for Senate and ultimately for President.

Odd indeed.

Right? So is she incompetent or is she a liar?

Maybe both.

Karma is TOUGH.

Duh, she’s a Democrat.

What else would you expect?


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