Don’t be so mean to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they say.

Don’t pick at her, she’s still learning, she’s young, they say.

Well, if she would stop making a ninny out of herself we would stop picking at her and to be honest, she was ALMOST there with this tweet exposing lobbyists at an orientation with briefings on issues:

We dig the transparency, true story …

BUT she missed the point of calling lobbyists out when her big complaint was that Big Labor wasn’t invited.

She’s really trying hard to play the ‘private corporations are evil but big labor rules’ card here. If she’s going to come out against lobbying it should be all of it, not just the groups she disagrees with.

Imagine if she had come out against all lobbyists? How powerful a statement she could have made …

But she won’t because truth be told, she needs big labor, she’s a Democrat.

Shhh, quiet you!



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