You know, Twitchy really should send Alyssa Milano a Christmas present this year because like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she IS the gift that keeps on giving. Take for example this video of Alyssa reading a ‘holiday story’ about Betsy DeVos being the Grinch … she had to know she was opening herself up for a world of festive trolling.



You know that face you make when you’re in line at the store and the old timer at the front of the line starts to pay with a bunch of pennies? Yup, just made that face.

Hey, at least most of the trolling rhymes.


Poetic trolling … and to think, Twitter is still free.

Whoa, gold star for finding a rhyme for mathematics.



Waaaaaay past time for that.

Would you, could like her post?

We would not, could not like her post.

Not in a house, not with a mouse … 

Not in a boat, not with a goat …

We would not like her post here or there.

We would not like it anywhere.


GOOD RIDDANCE: #BuildTheWave co-founder @ProudResister DRAGS the ever-loving crap out of Michael Avenatti and LOL

OHHHH YEAH: Sen. Orrin Hatch’s response to SJWs calling to end the phrase ‘bring home the bacon’ is DELICIOUS (video)

HOLY SH*T! Joy Behar raged, had a complete MELTDOWN off the air after fight with Meghan McCain (Kid Rock was RIGHT)