There is a rather large faction of this country that seriously needs to pull the stick from its backside and lighten TF up.


The latest ‘casualty’ of the humorless, easily-and-always-offended scolds is Kevin Hart, who stepped down from hosting the Oscars after a bunch of frothy-mouthed, butthurt, humorless nags came after him for old gay jokes and tweets.

Comedy is under serious attack, folks. Richard Pryor, Sid Caesar, Don Rickles … they would never stop throwing up if they saw what has happened to comedy in 2018.

We are seeing a mob mentality, unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Never apologize to the mob because it’s never enough.

Double truth.


Says the mob.


Human beings standing up for themselves over old jokes? GET OVER IT.

Imagine going through life being offended about everything and thinking that you should have the ability to destroy people if you disagree with a joke they told.

And these are adults.



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