Sharyl Attkisson has been tirelessly going after the agencies who did very little for her when the government ‘hacked’ into her computer. She has also been swinging at the media …

For years, the investigative journalist has continued to rattle cages and make noise, reminding the ‘Deep State’ and her former employer that she’s not going away until she gets some answers.

Until we all do.

Looking through her timeline she has been kicking as* and taking names by sharing information with her followers and asking fearless questions.

As usual.

Five years ago …

This has been going on for YEARS.


We wish we could say this is unbelievable but with everything we’ve seen with Mueller and Trump and the dossier  … it’s not.

Gosh, why won’t the FBI release the documents to her if she is the victim?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Hence her court case. Look at the list of Plaintiffs, seeing Eric Holder listed that way makes this editor smile a little.

Give ’em Hell, Sharyl.

This is nuts and honestly reads more and more like a John Grisham novel.



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