Brett Kavanaugh is smiling the biggest, grandest, and bestest (yes, that’s a word now, deal with it) smile in the WORLD in the SCOTUS ‘class photo’ and we can’t think of a man who deserves it more.

Which of course means our blue-check friends ‘noticed’ and felt compelled to tweet about it:


We LIKE seeing Brett Kavanaugh smile. *shrug*

Would appear Laura Ingraham does as well:


Hrm, maybe three cups of coffee first thing in the morning is too much for this editor.

Hell yeah.

If Kavanaugh hadn’t smiled they would be talking about how he was angry and mean, and that his temperament wasn’t suitable for the bench. Let’s be honest, once the Left hates you, you could cure cancer and they’d still find a way to be pissed off at you.

Smiling to own the libs.


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