Welp, it certainly seems to be raining crap all over creepy p*rn lawyer … wait, sorry … celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti. And gosh, golly, and gee, we can’t imagine this dumpster fire of a PR disaster happening to a more deserving fella.

Man, when you’ve lost Leftist rags like POLITICO?


Michael Avenatti’s cable TV bookings have dwindled. He was uninvited from one prominent Democratic event and skipped out on another. Now his highest-profile client is bringing new allegations against him.

In just a matter of weeks, Avenatti’s fortunes have taken a nosedive, rapidly downshifting him from 2020 presidential prospect to political pariah.

Political pariah. OUCH.

James Woods saw this article and tried to be supportive and helpful – sorta:


Look at James, being all helpful and stuff. Surely Michael appreciated his offer?

Guess not.

Gosh, he seems super sensitive about a GoFundMe.

Lighten up, Francis.


Hey, we laughed.

Michael should probably put the Twitter down, he’s not doing himself any favors. Wait, on second thought, tweet MORE Mikey!

And the Democrats OWN HIM.

Good luck with that.


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