If you look at Max Boot’s timeline over the past couple of years, it seems he has been somewhat of a cheerleader for Macron.

We’re curious if maybe Max sent Macron some fan letters as well because yeah, wow. Fanboy says what?

Earlier today, Twitchy covered the pushback Boot is receiving in social media over a piece he wrote last year about how RAD a charismatic centrist like Macron would be for America. This is the tweet and piece we covered:

To each, his own we suppose, except France is a disaster of ‘protests’ (ahem, riots) and destruction right now and a huge part of that is the wishy-washy centrist in charge. But hey, at least it’s not Trump, right?

Sean Davis apparently thought Boot’s 2017 column was a hoot too.

Boot responded.


Davis responded in kind.

Is this a neo-con thing?

OH, and then Boot came after Twitchy, accusing us of being far-right and then he pulled a Ron Perlman and suggested Russian bots are behind the story and by default, behind us.

Yes, Max found us out. Just like Ron. IT’S TIME TO COME CLEAN … we’re all a bunch of bots sitting around in our bunker being programmed by angry Russians wearing MAGA hats watching old reruns of Gilligan’s Island and drinking cheap vodka.

And he wonders why we make fun of him.


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