You know those tweets that come back and eventually, bite people in the backside? Tweets that don’t age well? Max Boot has a humdinger sitting right on his timeline from 2017 pushing a piece he wrote about defeating populism, and how America needs a charismatic, centrist leader like Macron.

We can’t even make this stuff up.


Hey Democrats, you can keep Max.


He’s all yours.

From Commentary Magazine:

In France, not only did the centrist Emmanuel Macron hold off challenges from both the hard-left (Marine Le Pen) and hard-right (Jean-Luc Melenchon), but his nascent political party, La Republique En Marche (The Republic on the Move), has now scored a smashing victory in parliamentary elections. He could wind up controlling as many as 440 seats out of 577 in the lower house of parliament—a landslide with few precedents in French history.

What the U.S. lacks, and could use, is a charismatic candidate who can mobilize the center of the political spectrum as Macron has done in France. Until such a figure comes along, we will remain in danger of whipsawing from far-left to far-right with no stops in between.

Yeah, that’s been awesome in France.

*eye roll*


Even in 2017, people were calling Max out:

We should have known way back then that Max was going to jump ship.

And thank goodness he did, this is just embarrassing.


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