‘Oh, good, Tom Nichols took time out of his busy schedule to lecture Conservative Americans about how they’re stupid and Trump is the Devil,’ said no one, ever. We GET it Tom, Trump bad, but c’mon already, he had to know this ‘thread’ would just piss a bunch of people off.

Which makes us wonder if Tom was trolling, which is truly sad because he used to be someone worth reading.


Where does he come up with this crap? Does he have Jennifer Rubin or Max Boot on speed dial?

Note to Tom, DUDE, learn how to thread your tweets. Seriously. We’re not sure Tom has any business lecturing others about how dumb they are when he clearly doesn’t understand how to use Twitter.

Back to the thread.

This editor was just joking about Rubin and Boot up there … ROFL.


Gosh, Tom seems cranky.

It’s almost like Tom has created a group of people that don’t really exist to argue against. Or he’s taking a play from Alinksy and debating extremes only.

Blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaah.

Note, his /8 tweet is missing but you know, he’s superior to us country bumpkins. Guess being able to count isn’t something he values in Conservatives.

Tax cuts, job growth, and a strong economy are all bad things because TRUMP BAD.

Cripes, when does Tom start advocating for abortion?

Ugh, this goes on and on.

Oooh, big word!

If we rolled our eyes any further back into our heads we might actually hurt ourselves.

What she said.

It seems to be about all he knows how to write these days.


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