It seems our tolerant, loving, good friends on the Left missed it when Obama was busy gassing people at the border during his presidency. Sorta like how they missed that he put kids in cages as well but hey … Trump, right?

Orange man BAD.

One of the most outspoken critics about the gassing at the border under Trump has been Alyssa Milano. Yeah, we know, she complains about most everything but since she decided to try and raise $100k for these ‘asylum seekers’ we’re thinking this is her ‘issue’ of the month. It will surely change again soon but until then, people like Kaya Jones need to keep calling her out.

Definitely cherry picking.

Oh, and big surprise, Alyssa doesn’t appear to have responded to Kaya.

We know, you’re shocked.

Obama was doing it for their own good or something, he was protecting them from coming into our evil country.

Yeah, that’s it.

Ya’ think?

Of course.

We will keep an eye on Alyssa’s timeline and if she does finally answer Kaya’s question we will absolutely update. Then again, since Alyssa has this editor blocked (right?) this may prove problematic but we’ll still FIND A WAY.

As God is our witness!



It appears Alyssa has ‘addressed’ this, just not to Kaya personally:



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