Kristy Swanson, herself a blonde, took her love of blonde jokes and created what we think is a pretty damn funny thread on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. NOW, this editor says this as a blonde herself having heard every blonde joke under the sun so if you’re a Leftist who accidentally stumbled on this story please spare us the screeching, preening, and ‘THAT’S SEXIST’ nonsense and just laugh with the rest of us.

In other words, lighten up, Francis.



Wait, that doesn’t work? WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL THIS EDITOR?!

It all finally makes sense.


Others jumped into the mix:

So THAT’S what that means.



That’s not a normal thing to do? Who knew?


Did you hear about the blonde that put lipstick on her forehead so she could make up her mind?

Why can’t you tell blondes knock-knock jokes? Because they go answer the door.

Make sure and tip your waitress!


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