Awww yes, the first press briefing since Jim Acosta tried to become a martyr after he put his hands on an intern over a mic and lost his creds. We all knew this was going to happen eventually … and we all knew Sarah Sanders was going to shut him down the moment he opened his big mouth.

The looks on their faces in the screen capture from Mediaite says it all – Jim looks confused, Sarah looks ready to pounce.

We like how Mediaite says he ‘confronted’ Sarah. He asked her a question which she actually answered very nicely (except for when Jim was being dishonest and she called him out), and no matter how hard he tried to poke the bear, she shut him down.

Like we knew she would.

Like she did throughout the entire briefing.

This chick is tough, man.

Leftist rags are already reporting that Sarah said migrant families deserve to be tear-gassed … she did not. And they wonder why the White House doesn’t have more of these briefings.


Good times.


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