Max Boot kinda sorta totally lost his marbles on a panel interview with Don Lemon on CNN … seriously. Hey, we get that he’s trying really hard to fit in with his new buddies on the Left (who don’t want him because they remember who he is) but this was all the cringe.

Luckily for Max, the interview was all about RACISM in the Republican party and we all know how much he loves pretending that the entire party is RACIST. Unluckily for Max, Scott Jennings wasn’t having any of that.

Watch … and cringe along with us:

The look on Max’s face … HA! You can actually see him getting angrier as the panel goes along.

He’s so MAD.

Jay’s right.

Of course, Max had to make it personal, how else could he combat Scott who had valid points?

Maybe a little.

If you could get past the cringe, it really was pretty entertaining.

Good times.


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